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The Pensieve

flolloping, gupping and willomying in a particularly floopy way

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I'm Finnish, have a Ph.D. in ecotoxicology and work as an environmental expert. I've spent 2 ½ years in Italy and six months in the Netherlands; have been in my home country for quite a few years now but we'll see about the future. I'm single, and geeky. This journal acts as my pensieve and weblog. My updating is rather irregular, but there are typically at least two weekly journal entries, and not uncommonly several within a day. As a rule I don't post friends-only entries, but there are occasional exceptions to this.

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May the Pensieve be with you.

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Maybe I had also better point out that while I participate in several fandoms, I do not read fanfic. If you really want to know why, read this old (possibly offending) thread from my journal. I only make exceptions for what I call fanfun - irreverently humorous stuff like parodies and crazy crossovers - and, to a certain extent, pastiches.